Has there been a constant decline in your child’s academic performance despite your kid’s best efforts? Does your child seem constantly confused? Is the result of all the parent-teacher conferences less than stellar? Is there a need for outside help?

Well, here are 5 signs that you can use as a checklist to see if your child needs a tutor:

Sign 1: Consistent Drop in Grades

Unsurprisingly, a fall in performance is always the first sign. Sometimes, it might just be because the child had been a little too preoccupied to give their best in that particular math test or in that science quiz. It could have been just a one-time event.

To really know for sure, check with the kid’s school on how you can track their grades. Make a point to notice if the drop is steady and if yes, then in which subjects. With one-on-one tutoring sessions, a tutor can focus on identifying and improving the exact area your child requires attention to.

Sign 2: Difficulty in Learning

It is completely natural for a child to feel lost in a classroom, where teachers have too many students too pay individual attention to one of them. Every child has different rate of attending. In other words, just because a kid’s grades are dropping doesn’t mean they aren’t trying their best. It is likely that they simply don’t understand the concept.

Tutors on the other hand, have the freedom to be as creative as they can as they can tailor their tutoring sessions to suit their student’s individual needs.

Sign 3: Lack in Confidence

Some children are slow learners. There could be plenty of reasons for that: they might have some learning disabilities like ADHD or Dyslexia, or they might be compared with or compare themselves with other ‘smarter’ kids. Being told that you’re just not good enough is always the worst hit to anyone’s confidence. A low self-esteem always leads to self-doubt and if your child is suffering from this then it can have avery negative impact on their overall academic performance.

A good tutor can build up their student’s confidence level and teach them in a manner that eradicates their doubt in their abilities.

Sign 4: Time Management Issues

Some kids have a habit of putting off their work until the last moment. They ignore their parents’ warnings and often fail to submit their assignments on time or sometimes, at all. If procrastination is one of your kids’ defining qualities then there are professionals that you can hire for them.

A tutor can be instrumental in teaching self-motivation to your child alongside how to manage time well to complete all their work, while still having enough time to participate in their preferred recreational activities

Sign 5: Decrease in Parental Guidance

Current social environment often leads to both parents’ having a professional job. Due to other commitments, the time spent for family decreases. Some parents face difficulties in providing the same level of homework support that they used to. Also, the concepts taught in school and the method used might be unfamiliar to parents.

Having a tutor in this situation can give you the sometimes much needed professional help in ensuring that you can utilize your family schedule effectively for your child’s overall development.


How can we help you?

YoungButterfly provides you with a platform that recognizes your need and works with you to choose the best tutor suitable for you and your kid’s individual preference. We have a collaboration with a large number of tutors, all of whom are trained to ensure that your child receives the best possible learning experience.