Caissa Chess Academy in Wadala

With this academy Caissa Chess Academy in Bandra aim to develop the foreseeing & analyzing ability of a child & make them competition friendly.

Caissa Chess Academy provide coaching to over 300 students from Mumbai & Thane. Online training is provided to our students living in USA, United Kingdom, Dubai, Philippines Singapore,Kenya & Japan. A large number of our students compete at District & Individual Championship Levels. We provide chess training in several schools, pre-schools & club houses of Mumbai & Thane. We have well trained coaches who have been competing at various levels for over decades. Well renowned schools such as IES, Balmohan & Amulakh Amichand have collaborated with us for coaching Chess in their institutions.

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Online Classes:

If you are time restricted then online coaching may suit your needs better as you can schedule in possibly at short notice times that best suit you, maybe even shorter sessions on a regular basis.
Whether you decide to try online coaching or private coaching you can be assured you will find benefits that will help you with your child’s growth and development, along with giving you ideas on what could be done differently and help in any areas that you may need help in.

Private Coaching:

We are all individuals and a private lesson will always emphasise a tailored approach to you. Designed to give you what you need, private lessons are catered to give you the knowledge and “how to” to meet any challenge you’ve set yourself.
Perfect if you prefer my undivided attention or are a little bit shy about trying new things in front of other people.

Group Coaching:

Coaches may find that group coaching is a powerful way to leverage their time and resources, enabling them to work with more students over less time, potentially at a lower price point per student.
As coach, Caissa Chess Academy in Bandra are responsible for holding the space so that each member can contribute and creating a climate of trust and confidentiality for all

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