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November 25, 2018 - November 25, 2018

Terrarium/Bottle Garden Workshop By Harshad Ainapure


The concept of Terrarium was introduced to make people feel like living in nature while residing in their homes. One such opportunity is brought to you by Nature Information Center, Sanjay Gandhi National Park through a workshop of Terrarium or bottle garden.

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A terrarium is a sealable glass container containing soil and plant. Terraria are often kept as a decorative and ornamental item. In a city like Mumbai where there is a lack of place even to keep the planters in the windows, a terrarium in a vivid glass container would not only add beauty to your home décor but also satisfy the gardening enthusiasts!!!
Closed Terraria create a unique environment for plant growth as the transparent walls allow both heat and light to enter. The sealed container combined with heat entering allows the creation of small water cycle. When the temperature increases, moisture from both, Plant and soil evaporates and then condenses on the wall and eventually falls back on the plant and soil.

Programme Schedule:
08.30 a.m.: Reporting at Nature Information Centre & Introduction
08.45 a.m.: Slide Show on Introduction to Terrarium techniques.
10.15 a.m.: Tea & Biscuits
10.45 a.m.: Demonstration on Terrarium preparation/ bottle gardening, caring for plants,etc
12.45 p.m.: Feedback back session.
01.00 p.m.: Programme Ends

Terms & Conditions:
Participants shall have to buy entry tickets for self & vehicles (if any)

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