I enquired the details of sessions. She asked, “What is the age of the student?” I replied, “42 years”. Confused, she repeated, “42?”. Her eyes moved from top to bottom and sent the signal to her brain, bringing her back to senses. “Are you the student?  I hope you are aware, average age of student in my class is 13 years.” I said “Yes!”.”

The toes, the hands, the fingers, the eyes of students in the room paused to look around to analyse this new student, who will be accompanying them in the next session. “oh, great!”, she said hesitantly, doubting her hearing abilities. “So, you want to join for Kathak sessions. Have you ever tried learning this before?” “Yes, “I said, “I had learnt it for couple of years when I was a child and discontinued for some vague reason. Now, I wish to relearn and revive my lost and hidden passion. I want to learn Kathak”. She smiled.

I was very excited. I was on time for my session. It was important for me to first revise my long-lost lessons, deep seated in my subconscious mind. There were two little girls of the age when I had learnt Kathak in my childhood. They were my batchmates now. Ma’am said, “Now, she will also learn with you girls, help her in her lessons.” Both of them looked at me and wondered. I shook my hand with them and tried making them comfortable. One of them was my son’s classmate. Now we were classmates and just like that I made 2 little friends. This was such a cute side effect of following my passion. They were so excited and proud to be guiding someone of their teacher’s age. They felt mature and responsible in a moment, helping me in the right moves, correcting my wrong steps. I thoroughly enjoyed their company.

Initially, I was hesitant of my age, but my heart insisted me to move ahead. As the days passed, the girl in me took charge and I started enjoying everything again. I loved my life and did not let go what I wished to live up with.

As we grow up, we tend to leave behind our passion because of peer pressure or career choices or responsibilities or many more unknown reasons.

0-10 years — Is the age when we do exactly what our parents want us to do. Whatever we learn in this age stays with us naturally.

10-20 years—This is the period when we do not want to follow any kind of instructions and start exploring and developing our passion, though we don’t realise till the end what really it is.

20-30 years — We enter the reality world which is far different from fairy land that we had lived in earlier. One by one, we keep leaving behind our hobbies and things that brought pure joy to the soul. And, in the process, we also don’t realise what we are missing, as we get engrossed in daily chase for bread, butter, glamour and luxury.

30-40 years— Still chasing to fulfil the responsibilities towards family, work, children, in-laws etc. Best education for kids, best comfort for family, need of abode, maintaining balance with career, leaves you with no time for yourself, your choices.

40-50 years— Kids are smart and big enough to start their second stage cycle (10-20 years). So, they need you less, already bought a house, so no more stability concerns, career is at a good rise, stable and self-sustained, needs your lesser time and devotion.

This is time you sit back to relax, and then you start feeling the void, the empty space, the vacuum. Past, in your subconscious mind starts pushing itself to cover the cortex. This is the time we recall and miss the things we liked the most. We start remembering the moments we enjoyed to the core and wanted to live again and again. Most of us live with the fact and let it pass but very few actually start following their heart.

This is the time to live for you once again. Don’t let the emotion die. You have lived for others throughout your life. Now you can start fulfilling what comes in your dreams. Don’t let your dreams fall part. There is no age limit for people who want to learn. In fact, I realised that I am learning faster than what I was doing it when I had no idea why I was doing that.

Now I feel complete and happy and this is what I serve my family with.


About the Author


Vibha Jain is an architect by profession and is passionate about managing and organizing activities and events. She is a mother of two wonderful kids. Apart from her building and designing houses she likes to build homes. She holds interest in researching about child psychology and practices what she preaches. She believes in striking balance between her professional and personal life and enjoys the golden years with her family.