What Life Taught Me While Raising Two Kids

When you have two little kids to tend to, life is full of surprises and new lessons every day. No matter how many books you have read or have been part of parenting forums nothing can prepare you more for being a parent than your child itself.

Like every other mother, I also love to share every experience of nurturing my two kids since their birth. There are umpteen lessons learnt and hereby in this blog I would like to share a few with all readers


Learning Can be Fun

Many of us believe or rather we can say are conditioned to believe that, a child can learn only in school and there is no alternative to it. Believe me, being a mom to two, I learnt learning is not limited to school books or study time alone. Everyday life and studies are very tightly knit together. It’s important for kids as well as parents to be aware that grades or marks obtained are important but more  important is for your child to  get the concept right and enjoy the process of learning

My husband and I as a parent try hard to break free from the set conventional methods and make learning a fun stress free experience. Simple ways, we teach Math Concepts from daily chores and real life scenarios. Geography is discussed when we are visiting places. English Grammar and composition is practiced during reading time or even with playing the age old game of “Name, Place, Animal and Thing. This just happens to be my family’s  favourite travel game. Practice papers at home are full of super hero or personal questions. And so kids love solving them!

Balancing Time for self and with family is possible

In a dilemma between taking out time for health and spending time with kids, fun dance parties are clear cut winners. This is also a great stress reliever. We just switch on music and let ourselves loose. It is like 30-40 min of cardio.  Our kids become our teachers, teaching us some latest moves. This also helps to boost their confidence and we have great family time together.

Teaching Independence and Responsibility will go a long way

Our mantra at home is ‘Mom helps those who help themselves’. So if help or support is needed for anything, especially studies, kids have to initiate the discussion. Me and my husband are all available to spend hours explaining or teaching but only if they come and ask for it. I would just call out what needs to be done and then leave it to them when or how they want to do it. If something is not complete, it is their responsibility.

We try and figure out fun ways for putting away toys and cleaning the room at the end of day. Latest is ‘Tidy’ step from Fortnite game. I just do the move without saying anything and kids know what I mean. On some days kids just surprise me with a clean room followed by a fun game that they just love to play.

It is ok to seek help

I have learnt the hard way that it is ok to ask for help for skills that are not my core competence. For instance for skill like art and craft or cooking, we take help from experts and are learning these together. This helps in multiple ways, kids get the correct guidance that I wouldn’t have been able to provide. I am relieved of stress of teaching something I am not confident about and when I also try to learn these skills, it emphasizes the fact that there is no age for learning.

Bringing up my kids has shaped my life and life of my children in some incredible ways.  I’m thankful everyday to the universe for the lessons I’ve learned as I’ve journeyed through it thus far.

Would like to hear from other parents on what are their day to day tips on managing life.


About Author :

Shibha is a mother of two super active boys and an IT professional. She loves to use her problem solving and analytical skills both in her profession and at home. Finding right harmony between work and life is something that Shibha is constantly striving for and thus always on a lookout for creative ways to manage the two fronts.