Art Foundation course for Adults – Beginner

Event Date:

June 1, 2021

Event Time:

6:30 pm

Event Location:

What will you learn during the Workshop:

  • For the adult beginners module, a systemic design module that integrates the basic tools and techniques to invigorate the understanding of various components of visual hand art.
  • The module is carefully divided into 3 month, 24 sessions (8 sessions per month) as follows :

Module 1 (8 sessions): Initiation Module: Basic Tools and techniques- The module starts with covering the basic understanding and usage of tools and techniques of drawing and sketching.- Understanding and composition of shapes and forms and blending it with the effects of lights and shadow techniques. – Invigorate the learnt skills with scribbling, Strippling, weaving techniques and turn random scribbling into artistic perspectives. – The last segment of the module focuses on the most colourful element of nature: Birds. Focus is on their anatomy, understanding and composition, detailing and shaping and texturing.

Module 2 (8 Sessions) : Colouring: Birds, Landscape and Nature Elements- The module starts with an Introduction to Pastel colours and techniques used.- The overlay of the colouring module starts with the playful colours of Birds and the defined use of pastel colours without perspective to develop the blend.- The module then moves on to the Landscapes like beach view where the usage of colours defines the space and essence of the landscapes.- The last segment of the module deals with colouring of Trees as nature elements. Various trees with playful blends of colours are poured on canvas going life to the module in its most primitive form.

Module 3 (8 sessions) : Landscaping with nature and Still Life Composition: – Is time to put skills into practice. The module starts with combining the Landscaping elements with the natural elements and creating theme-based compositions. – Still Life Compositions: The Final Segment of the Course combines all the techniques to understand and recreate Realistic Still life images. The segment includes Still life compositions of inanimate Objects and fruits and flowers with detailing on 3D proportions and shadowing.

Material Required: 

  • Sheet Size : A3
  • Ivory Sheet
  • Cartridge Sheets
  • Pastels sheets
  • Kohinoor Pencil Eraser
  • Shading Pencils
  • Option 1 : art line pencil set (Main Shades-  6b, 8b, 10b)
  • Option 2 : Staedtler Pencil Set (Main Shades-  6b, 8b, 10b)
  • Soft Pastels – Doms and steadier
  • Fixative Spray – Charcoal & Pastels
  • Paper Stumps
  • Masking Tape
  • Exam Board a3 size

Who this course is for:  Adults (Recommended above 15 years +)
Start Date: 1st June – 19th Aug 2021
Time: 6:30 – 7:30 PM IST
Days: Tuesday & Thursday
Duration: 3 Months (Total 24 sessions) – 8 Sessions each month
Language: Hindi

  • Option 1 -: 3200 x 3 months – 9600 monthly Payment
  • Option 2-: 2800 x 3 months – 8400 one time payment

Level: Beginner

For More details contact:
9920807464 / 9082187955

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Event Location:

Total Seats: 30


Event Schedule Details

  • June 1, 2021 6:30 pm   -   August 25, 2021 7:30 pm
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