Benefits of Garba

Garba comes with a number of hidden benefits. Whether it be your health, your fitness or your mood, Garba can help you get optimum results in all of those areas. 

Most wellness specialists say that Garba can assist you with shedding those extra undesirable calories. They add that practising the Lehriyu, which is really the wave movement, including a ton of squatting and clapping, is a pleasant method for losing a few additional calories. “Many individuals experience inch reduction as well as weight reduction, while some might encounter only inch reduction when they go to play Garba or any kind of dancing,” illuminates weight managing master Dr Amrapali Patil. She added, “While you dance in a gathering, you don’t understand how much high-impacting practices you perform.” Dietician and zumba educator Priyanka Bhawalkar, uncovered that it’s possible to lose a ton of calories, given you dance ceaselessly for 60 minutes straight. She said, “The sort of movement that occurs during Garba is like the activities done in a zumba class. So on the off chance that you dance for an hour consistently, contingent upon your speed and dance developments, you can lose anyplace between 100 to 500 calories.” Dr Patil further remarked, “Frequently, the conventional clothing and jewellery for dandiya and Garba are normally on the heavier side, which also could contribute towards weight reduction during the substantial developments of dandiya and Garba.” Some specialists added that a gathering action like the Dhudiyu, do taali or teen taali Garba, that includes a ton of spinning, bouncing and applauding, can be considered as a full body exercise, whenever done at quick or medium speed.

Take the results of a study on 25 college students in their 20s, which examined the impact of Garba on physical health, cardiovascular fitness, and psychological well-being (Bhaumik et al, 2019).

After 10 weeks of Garba sessions, the results revealed a substantial decrease in the skin fold measurement obtained at the waist level, indicating that Garba is helpful in reducing abdominal visceral fat. After implementing low impact aerobic dance sessions, a sizable reduction in body fat was seen. Significant differences were also seen in the sit-and-reach test and the sit-to-stand test, indicating that Garba significantly improves lower limb and trunk strength and flexibility. Additionally, Garba significantly increases one’s oxygen consumption capacity.

Garba significantly lowered both the diastolic blood pressure at rest and during the maximum excursion as well as the resting systolic blood pressure. After 10 weeks of Garba sessions, the Borg rating of perceived exertion scale results revealed that participants had less respiratory discomfort and had improved functional ability and tolerance.

After 10 weeks of Garba sessions, the Borg rating of perceived exertion scale results revealed that participants had less respiratory discomfort and had improved functional ability and tolerance. The study demonstrated that Garba can help young women become more physically and cardiovascularly fit. The women’s physical and cardiovascular health, lower body flexibility and endurance, along with exercise tolerance (rate of perceived exertion), all improved after a 10-week intervention.

During Navaratri, a lot of fitness centres introduce a Dandiya Aerobics Dhamaka. “Though weight training is crucial, dandiya offers a fresh alternative to aerobics and cardio workout,” asserts Rajesh Sharma, a fitness expert based in Mumbai.

People become bored with repetitive workouts. Exercise that happens spontaneously is very popular, especially during celebrations. Festivities increase caloric intake, and dandiya drives people to work out, according to Mumbai-based Zumba fitness instructor Zin Swetha Jairam.

Many people are unaware that playing dandiya is a delightful way to stay fit and reduce stress. Fitness professionals claim that dandiya is a fantastic method for fat loss, particularly around the belly. Professionals use intricate moves that require lots of hand and leg movements in addition to upper body stretching and twisting. Squatting is another exercise in Dandiya that helps you tone your arms, legs, and waist. Since it is a strenuous activity, endorphins, or the “runner’s high,” are released, which melt away tension and soothe the mind and body. It aids in bettering blood circulation in addition to posture and digestion.

Dandiya Raas boosts morale and eases tension. Dandiya is also a social activity that allows you to meet new people. The performers end up improving their focus, sense of unity, and coordination of their motions. It is a wonderful sort of workout that is physically, psychologically, and emotionally rewarding. It burns the same amount of calories as swimming or jogging. Dancing uses all of the muscles in the body, from top to bottom. It’s more than just a cardio exercise that burns calories. The main advantage is that it makes individuals joyful, which has a psychological advantage for their general wellbeing.



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