Art Foundation course for Kids – Intermediate

Event Date:

June 5, 2021

Event Time:

5:00 pm

Event Location:


What will you learn during the Workshop:

A process-oriented module carefully designed to invigorate skills needed to level up the drawing skills and move on to realism. The module is divided into 3 months ie. 24 sessions (8 sessions per month). The modules are structured in the following step process :

  • Month 1 (8 sessions): Initiation basics and Introduction to Realistic inanimate World Objects: In this module, while introducing the basic concept and techniques of forms, shapes, types of shading, scribbling, stripping, and weaving, your child to become familiar with decoding complex subjects while observing them to recreate. The module ends with introduction and concept creation of 2d inanimate real world objects like cars and ambulance,etc.
  • Month 2 (8 sessions): Concept Avatars and Cartooning: In this module, we will be introducing the concept of creation and playing around with avatars related to humans with relation to family and third party relations with which the kid is involved in the day to day routine. The next segment involves cartooning of Birds, animals, and the use of black markers. We will end the module with cartoon creations at an intermediate level including detailed cartooning of superheroes.
  • Month 3 (8 sessions): Realistic composition of birds and animals: the last segment of the module deals with an introduction to realistic drawing and colouring of birds and animals. Divided equally between birds and animals the module deals with in detail concepts and techniques of form, shape, shading, and blend in colouring and use tools to bring realistic effect.

Material Required: 

  • Sheet Size: A3 – Cartridge Sheets
  • A3 Size Pastel Sheets (Any Colour or White)
  • Scale, Pencil & Eraser
  • Shading Pencils
  • Option 1 : art line pencil set (Main Shades-  6b, 8b, 10b)
  • Option 2 : Staedtler Pencil Set (Main Shades-  6b, 8b, 10b)
  • Crayon Colors And Waterproof Brush Pens
  • Soft Pastels – Doms and steadier
  • Fixative Spray – Pastels
  • Paper Stumps
  • Masking Tape
  • Exam Board a3 size

Who this course is for: 

Kids (Recommended above 7 years +)

Start Date: 2nd June – 20th Aug 2021
Time: 5:00 – 6:00 PM IST
Days: Wednesday & Friday
Duration: 3 Months (Total – 24 Session) – 8 sessions each month

Language: English

Fee :

  • Option 1 -: 3000 x 3 months – 9000 monthly Payment
  • Option 2-: 2800 x 3 months – 8400 one time payment

Level: Intermediate

For more details contact:
9920807464 / 9082187955

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
Total Seats: 30


  • Online

Event Schedule Details

  • June 5, 2021 5:00 pm   -   August 25, 2021 6:00 pm
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