Individual Development for Each Child – Need of the Day

There are millions of parents, especially in India, suffering from an anxiety disorder just thinking about the future of their kids. Almost everyone is in a race to get kids’ admission in top colleges, disregarding kids’ core skills and interest.

It’s like expecting all animals to be good climbers. That’s absurd. Elephants cannot climb a tree, and neither can a fish. They are unique in their individual ways and enjoy their lives with the inherent skills they possess. Similarly, all kids are not the same. Hence it is important to look at each child individually and let him live life playing on his strengths.

Education is a necessity of life and as per the Indian Constitution it is the right of every individual. It is important that every child attend the formal education in a school. The structured educational system provides the foundation of knowledge over which further expertise can be built. Attending formal school also helps to build good social skills while interacting with other kids and teachers.

However, this educational system is very generic, designed for an average kid in all fields. There are 60 students in a class and each has a unique talent. This system cannot cater to talent development of each student.

It will be a big loss to the society if everyone is brought up as Jack of all trades and Master of none. There will be no advancement in any sector, no breakthrough innovations and no master piece creations.

Hence it is extremely important to think of each person individually and identify his inner strength to let him excel in it. Try to understand which fields he takes naturally and which fields he is struggling in. This can be done by exposing him to various activities at an early age.

While one may be tempted to improve a child in areas he is weak in, a better approach will be to further refine the skills that come naturally to him.

Once a child’s interest and talent are identified, steps should be taken to let him grow further in that particular skill. Take help from professionals if needed. Expert guidance and coaching can do wonders. A child can grow with continuous practice but by seeking professional help it will polish his skills.

As the professionals have the expertise in a specific field they can understand the child’s psychology and mindset which will ultimately help the child to grow and explore all that the world of knowledge has in store for him or her.

Individual development plans can be built considering child’s skill level, interest and learning agility. The plan should be to push the child to his limits to make him realize his capability but should not put him under performance pressure.

It is also important to provide sufficient time to the kid for some free play.  Free play enhances imagination and creative thinking. These are the skills that will differentiate humans from robots in the coming age.

So, let us all take all possible efforts to nurture unique individuals and not robots for the society.

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