Raising a Confident Child

A child is the biggest blessing and best gift in one’s life, a boon, a symbol of love, care and affection. When a yet to be born baby struggles to come out of the womb, it leaves no stone un-turned to free itself, and emerges as the most fearless creature in universe. We have all witnessed our super tot feeling the fire, falling in the pit, chipping his skin with sharp edges, dabbing in shit. And we start instructing him ‘THE Do’s and Don’ts’. In the process we fail to realise when we convert a fearless creature to the most cowardly being. He was audacious being unaware of the outcome, of the result, or we can frame it as, least cared about the outcome, neither prejudiced, nor biased. But as the innocent grows, we introduce him to doubts, fears, prejudices and unknown threats. We show him the world we have framed.

Now how do we get back our Fearless and Confident Child

Build your own self confidence

If you are afraid of making a public appearance, you will automatically transfer this to your child, not through DNA, but through your talks and habits. If you are aware of your weaknesses and are sure of not willing to make him fall in the same trench, it is necessary that you regulate your words and gestures. It is necessary that you work on your own self confidence. In raising you child you often heal yourself. Best part is, you get a second chance to become what you always wanted to be.

Nothing is impossible

Even impossible says, “I M Possible’. A child should be made to believe that if all the doors are closed, there is an open window somewhere. There exists no situation from which it is hard to come out. Encourage him to think ‘Out of the Box’. Make the juvenile try different ways to do the same thing every time. A person tends to run safe in the defined path. But using a safer and no risk solution every time leads to suppressing your creativity and thinking power.

Communicate and Discuss and Play together

Dinner time is the best time to build relationship.  Stronger the bond you share, stronger is your child mentally and emotionally. Post the problem (not necessarily your child’s problem) and ask for solution from everyone. Never ignore or underestimate your youth’s suggestion. Appreciate them. It improves a child’s confidence and thus behaviour by giving him feelings of importance and accomplishment.

Help take and stick to Decisions

Teach your child to trust himself, make decisions and stand by it. There are times when decisions fail. Make him accept it courageously. There is nothing to be ashamed of, as lows and highs are a part of every decision. If you keep cribbing and nagging about the failure, the innocent will eventually stop taking decisions.

Encourage him to decide small things from a very early age, it can be about the dress to wear, food to eat, toy to buy. Make him plan his day and encourage him to stick to the schedule by rewarding him points.

Identify interests

Exposure is important to understand one’s interest. Before darting to one activity, it is necessary to understand that there are many other which are not attracting his interest. Help your child to develop talent and acquire skills. If you don’t encourage your child to try, his skills will not improve.

Persistence is the key to success. It needs too much of patience and hard work to excel . But strike a balance between encouraging and pushing. Never compare with playfellows or siblings. This is the biggest mistake we make in the process of raising a child.


Every child is unique and was full of confidence when he entered this world. It is up to us to keep his confidence intact and help him grow.  Parenting is the second chance for a desired life, so make your life beautiful.

Happy parenting


About the Author


Vibha Jain is an architect by profession and is passionate about managing and organizing activities and events. She is a mother of two wonderful kids. Apart from her building and designing houses she likes to build homes. She holds interest in researching about child psychology and practices what she preaches. She believes in striking balance between her professional and personal life and enjoys the golden years with her family.




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