Transformation through Handwriting

“Clear thinking is not possible in the of absence of clear Writing” – Thomas Famula.

Writing is the best way to express ones feeling and emotions. Just looking at the writing we can state the motive of the writer behind writing

Science of handwriting is not just a simple “Handwriting” but “Brain Writing”.  As it tells us about writer’s emotional state, intellectual capacity temperaments, moods, characteristics, why’s behind the actions of the person, success level, career options,  relationship health challenges, strengths and challenging areas of life. Personality trait is represented by the neurological brain part, in each neurological brain pattern produces a unique neuromuscular movement is tiny stroke review some personality traits or current circumstances occurring in present and all a 100% correct.

All the strokes and movement come sub-consciously, handwriting does keep on changing with maturity level of the person and Yes with the age too it becomes unique representation of you. Handwriting is as unique as one’s DNA, simply because energy used while forming letters. The more a person’s writing varies from the model that we thought, the more their morals and attitudes get away from the conventional model of the world that were taught to kids

Doesn’t this all the sound amazing and shocking?

What is the more amazing is the fact that you can actually change your personality by making small changes in your writing style.

Graphotherapy is one of the oldest effective tool available to modify  oneself.  Oldest because the Science is existing from over 2.5 million years ago. It is one of the oldest song ever recorded in human history.

Before there was writing there was a pre- writing. Prewriting was in the form of pictographs. It was used in communicating with one another until any verbal language was formed.

A grahotherapist works on following aspects of an individual’s writing to bring about lasting personality changes.

  • Energy
  • Slants
  • Size of letters
  • Formations
  • Spacing between words in alphabets
  • Hand and eye coordination

It also gets personalized according to one’s need and requirements.

About Author :

Priya Maheshwari, is an  Internationally Certified Accredited Graph Analyst, UK

She Learnt this amazing science under most respected authority in this profession. She has been working in this profession from past 5years. She has conducted Handwriting classes from past 7years and nearly 1500 pupil have benefitted from this program.. You can follow her on  FB @justwritePM

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